Which adventure calls to you?

From historic castles, to experimental futureworlds, to missions to Mars, our Host Organisations have set the scene for eleven unique adventures.

This is a paid opportunity to tackle a real-world problem by using your Story Skills. Each Host is a business, charity, institution or organisation in need of a Story Associate. They have defined a problem, ambition or mission that they think Story Skills can help to address.

You are invited to respond to whichever project entices you. The Hosts have set out their challenges. It’s now up to you to step up and propose your solution!

Become the hero who will use Story Skills to meet the Hosts’ needs, help them overcome their current challenges and fulfil their organisational ambitions.

At the same time, become part of the StoryArcs research mission to create a Story Skill Set, by producing new insights into the structures and uses of Story.

This is your call to action!