The National Centre for Academic and Cultural Exchange


Growing the Garden of Cultural Knowledge Exchange

Challenge: Capture and communicate the work, achievements and future ambitions of The National Centre for Academic and Cultural Exchange to both resonate with funders and co-create a space for key stakeholders/audiences to engage with that work.

Working pattern:
Part-time over one year, remote working with access to office space in London.

Who we’re looking for:
Someone with strong communication and advocating skills who can work with multiple types of media and with academic and non-academic audiences.

Start date:
Story Associates will join the scheme in early September. They will start by taking part in a Deep Story Training Camp and will then move on to their Host projects and placements.

You might approach this as an experiment in using Story Skills to define and create an imaginative ‘story space’ for communicating the achievements, impact and future potentials for this newly established national centre, experimenting with different media for creating that space. You might also explore how Story Skills can enable audience engagement, facilitate knowledge exchange and help in evidencing NCACE’s impact.

£37,099, pro rata, point 30 on National Spinal Point, or equivalent value fellowship grant (paid on supplier contract basis).

The scene is set…

What do you picture when you think about knowledge exchange, collaboration and co-production? The hyper-focused professor surrounded by books? The ethnographic researcher boarding a plane, notebook in hand? Does your image include the key role the arts and cultural sector plays in the evolution of academic ideas and research and the creation of new knowledge? Do you visualise what happens in the world when academia and the cultural industries cross-pollinate? …How can the value of collaboration be narrated?

The National Centre for Academic and Cultural Exchange (NCACE), supported by Research England, is committed to championing, evidencing and showcasing the social, cultural, environmental and economic impacts of knowledge exchange with the arts and cultural sector. Their work seeks to better understand the value and impact of cultural knowledge exchange and the importance of mutually beneficial collaborations between higher education and the arts and cultural sectors.

A hero is summoned…

NCACE is looking for a storyteller to communicate the complex, creative, life enhancing and sometimes intangible knowledge-building nature of what they do as well as to promote the growth and imaginative use of their collection. This person will create what might be called a “story space”, a “community garden” or a “community of practice.” They will tell the story of what NCACE does, weaving together events, reports, evidence and activities into a coherent narrative, revealing the importance of the spaces and places created. By doing so they will produce the parameters for an imaginative and explorative space for accessing and engaging with NCACE’s work. This will include capturing and defining how NCACE’s work connects to the socio-political moment they’re operating in, including the post-pandemic situation, the cost of living crisis, and the backdrop of intersecting global precarities.

An adventure gets underway…

The storyteller will work collaboratively with a small team at NCACE. Their work will be remote and part-time but they will have access to an office space in London from which to coordinate their project. This might involve developing ‘cool tools’ to communicate and advocate for the project, working in multiple types of media and innovating ways to take NCACE’s work to wider audiences.

This adventure will contribute to the StoryArcs mission to explore the value and uses of Story Skills in life, learning and work. The findings brought back to StoryArcs HQ will be crucial in our development and co-creation of a Story Skill Set.

This is one of eleven projects. You can find out more about the Story Associate opportunity and explore all eleven opportunities.


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