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The Journey of SUKI Tea

Challenge: Design a long-term Branding and Media Campaign for telling the story of a small, independent, community-based, and award-winning tea company.

Working pattern:
Flexible Working Arrangements with visits to HQ near Belfast. Full-time for six months, or part-time over a year.

Who we’re looking for:
A Story Expert with Social Media and Storyteller Skills. Branding Skills would be an added bonus.

Start date:
Story Associates will join the scheme in early September. They will start by taking part in a Deep Story Training Camp and will then move on to their Host projects and placements.

You might approach this as an exploration of how Story Skills can bring a brand to life, and/or as an investigation into the various media languages needed to create that brand story.

£37,099, pro rata, point 30 on National Spinal Point, or equivalent value fellowship grant (paid on supplier contract basis).

The scene is set…

The world of flora and fauna is so dense and varied that it has its own language – Botanical Latin. This refined linguistic system is used by expert gardeners and botanists to categorise and communicate plants and their medicinal properties, as well as their gustatory and affective qualities.

Now – this expert community needs a new language, the language of story, in their plant kingdom. SUKI Tea Makers, ethical sourcers and crafters of loose-leaf teas, want to tell their story. They need an expertly filtered and artistically distilled multimedia vocabulary to bring that story to the world.

SUKI Tea Makers was established by friends Annie and Oscar in 2005. The company sources, blends and sells hand-picked loose-leaf teas from all over the world.

Their story is about the international journeys and technical processes that take a tea leaf from plant to tea cup. It’s also about the 18-year development of a company founded by friends which is now recognised as a Top Performing Small Business and winner of multiple Great Taste Awards. But, perhaps most importantly of all, it’s the story of a growing community who come together over the restorative, ritualistic powers of a perfectly blended cup of tea.

A hero is summoned…

SUKI Tea Makers need a hero with the eye of an artist and the strategic vision of an entrepreneur.

The hero will sift and rarefy the details of SUKI Tea’s story. They will use creative copywriting, video, and social media skills to entice customers. They will showcase the scientific and geographical wonders of tea making processes, conjure the rich emotional experiences attached to tea drinking and evoke the big leaf flavour of SUKI Tea’s products. They will also produce rigorous plans for bringing the SUKI story to life across a long-term brand awareness campaign.

An adventure gets underway…

Once initiated into the SUKI Tea Makers’ fold, the hero will play a crucial role in expanding SUKI’s community of tea lovers and connoisseurs. In order to do so, the hero will themselves become a tea expert. They will undertake certified tea training, develop a refined palate for botanical and fruit blends and gain deep understanding of the histories, traditions and trajectories of the world of tea, including new ethical and eco-friendly techniques of production and packaging.

The hero will, for key occasions, be flown by SUKI Tea Makers to their headquarters near Belfast to meet with the 10 tea aficionados that make up the company. Coordinated from this base, they will undertake an explorative, fruitful adventure through which they, SUKI Tea Makers and the SUKI Team community will grow, blossom and bloom!

This adventure will contribute to the StoryArcs mission to explore the value and uses of Story Skills in life, learning and work. The findings brought back to StoryArcs HQ will be crucial in our development and co-creation of a Story Skill Set.

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