The Call to Adventure

Multiple Host organisations from diverse sectors and industries have come to StoryArcs for help. They need Story Skills to address their problems, ambitions and missions.

Our team is working hard to investigate what Story Skills are and how they can be used to solve the challenges of today’s world. We need heroes who are ready for adventure and willing to connect with and test Story Skills in real life.

We are looking for eleven Story Associates ready to take on quests with our eleven Host organisations. Each Story Associate will bring their own unique Story Skills to the challenge posed by a particular Host. In doing so, they will help the StoryArcs Team to define what Story Skills are and how and where they can be deployed best. The insights from these eleven projects will contribute to the development of a Story Skill Set that will help organisations, leaders and communities to create better futures.


Are You a Story Hero?

Are you prepared to leave the ordinary world behind you for an unknown adventure?

Can you navigate adversaries and allies, prepare for unforeseen challenges and return with new knowledge?

Can you craft, dissect and deploy narratives in ways that improve your world?

Then we’re looking for you!

Our Story Associates will be Early Careers Researchers from any discipline. This includes PhD graduates, or individuals without a PhD who can demonstrate equivalent skills and experience and want to learn more about Research Careers. We’re working with a broad definition of Story so you could be a traditional storyteller, an expert analyst, a skilled facilitator of co-creative stories, an innovator in story dissemination, or a person with any other abilities that you can convince us involve Story Skills! We are equally interested in applications from scientists, mathematicians and social scientists as we are in graduates from arts and humanities backgrounds.

Could you do with some guidance as you craft your application? We’re holding a virtual Town Hall event on Friday 23 June at 1.30 - 2.30pm. Meet some of the team at StoryArcs HQ, learn more about what being a Story Associate involves, and have a chance to ask questions. Register your place here.

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What’s the Mission?... and What’s the Prize?

Your mission as a Story Associate, should you choose to accept it, is to use your unique Story Skills to solve the challenge posed by one of our eleven Host Organisations. At the same time, you will record and analyse your process to gather insight about the nature of Story Skills. You’ll bring this new knowledge to the StoryArcs team and contribute to the creation of our Story Skill Set.

Mission Agenda:

  • Undertake an adventure with a Host Organisation that will last six months full-time or one year part-time.
  • Attend our Deep Story Training Unit in September 2023.
  • Receive a grant or wage to cover your time.
  • Find your own University Partner, or ask the StoryArcs team to find you a partner.
  • Receive additional guidance from a Mentor at your chosen University.
  • Optimise your research and communication skills by taking part in ongoing training and mentorship throughout your adventure.
  • Become a capable project manager by designing and running your own project.
  • Enhance your experience of working in organisational settings by partnering with a Host.
  • Be part of a dynamic team of story experts and contribute to the development of a valuable Story Skill Set.
  • Hone your inventiveness and creativity in contributing to academic research by generating new knowledge about how Story Skills can untangle and tackle complex issues.
Discover the Project Briefs

How to Step Up…

Our call to adventure is open until Monday 26 June 2023 (Midnight).
By this point, all aspiring Story Associates must submit an application.

This is to apply for the pilot programme, running from September 2023.

An application pack can be downloaded here.

Crucially, we need to know which particular adventure calls to you. You should read the Host Project Briefs and explain in your application which Host’s challenge you are responding to.

Your application should tell us how you intend to use Story Skills to solve the challenge posed by a Host, and what you will learn in the process. Full details are provided in the application pack.

There is no limit on the number of Host projects you can apply for, if more than one adventure beckons you. You only need to submit one application.

As well as working closely with the StoryArcs Team, each Story Associate will be mentored by an academic at a UK partner University. You will have the option of having a mentor assigned to you by the University, or nominating a mentor of your own choice.

Our Story Guardians and Story Allies are on hand to answer any questions you may have.


Application Portal is now closed.

If you would like to stay updated on future opportunities,
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